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Ejector Pump & Sewage Pump Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services

A sewage pump, often referred to as an ejector pump is an essential plumbing apparatus that is often neglected until a problem arises. The purpose of a sewage pump is to discharge sewer water and solid waste into a main sewer line or septic tank by utilizing gravity. Wastewater that remains below the main sewer line will require a sewer ejection pump. Sewer ejection pumps are typically used in areas where a gravitational pull is not feasible. Such areas like basement washrooms, basement laundry rooms.

Various models of sewage pumps are available and each variation has it’s own benefits. Some of the most typical pumps include sewage pumps, sump pumps, grinder pumps and effluent pumps.

When it comes to the effectiveness of your sewage pump, you must rely on an experienced service provider. Let Sureflow Plumbing & Drain handle your sewage pump requirements so you can feel comfortable knowing a licensed professional that has a great deal of experience and knowledge in various types of plumbing pumps is at your service.

Why you should service your Sewage Pump by a professional plumber

In the occasion that a sewage pump is malfunctioning, homeowners can expect a messy and troublesome situation. An ineffective sewage pump can result in sewage and wastewater no longer being pumped. This can result in sewage backup into the basement. In order to avoid complications and plumbing disasters, it is important for homeowners to have their sewage pump maintained and inspected regularly to ensure proper operation and efficient ejection of sewage waste.

Sewage Pump Installation, Repair & Maintenance

If you are a homeowner that is looking to have a sewage pump installed, contact the professionals at Sureflow Plumbing & Drain today. We have years of experience in the installation, maintenance and repairs of all types of sewage pumps and ejector pumps.

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