Maintaining Restaurant Kitchen Plumbing and Hotel Kitchen Plumbing Services

Maintaining Restaurant Kitchen Plumbing and Hotel Kitchen Plumbing Services

Restaurant Kitchen Plumbing

Hotel and Restaurant kitchens are in constant demand and practically used all day and in some establishments, they are used all night. At this time, they produce a significant amount of food as well as a significant amount of waste. Considering the kitchen is the main focal area of operation in a restaurant, it is important that everything that is required for a kitchen to operate is fully functional at all times, including the plumbing system.

How to ensure hotel and restaurant kitchen plumbing is buildup free

When it comes to maintaining and cleaning a commercial kitchen, this should be done as a regular routine along with regular inspections. Typical cleaning may include emptying trash, lining and prepping all surface areas and sanitizing.  

Maintenance of kitchen plumbing should take place on a weekly schedule. This allows efficient time for cleaning drains but keep in mind staff will only be able to affectively clean drains if no major buildup is formed.

Kitchen Drain Clog Prevention Tips

• Rinse food off plates in the trash and not the sink.

• Pour oil and grease in a container until hardened and discard in the trash and not the sink

• Refrain from using garbage disposals as they trap food and can potentially increase clogs.

Why Is Regular Maintenance Necessary For Restaurant Kitchen Plumbing?

• Sewage backups

• Damaged equipment

• Bacterial growth

• Bad odors

• Health hazards

Maintaining a clean kitchen allows for the hotel or restaurant to operate efficiently and safely. When the pipes, drains and traps are functional and contain no obstruction or clogs, it is no doubt the restaurant or hotel kitchen will perform proficiently.

Schedule A Professional Maintenance Service

When performing a regular cleaning and maintenance routine, your commercial kitchen and establishment will remain in good standing order with local health and safety codes while also perform efficiently, eliminating any potential downtime.  For hotel and restaurant owners and managers who are dedicated to ensuring the kitchen runs successfully, contact Sureflow Plumbing & Drain today and we will ensure your kitchen remains in top condition with our expert plumbing services.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed plumber for advice and diagnosis so you can receive the correct service for your specific situation.