The cause of water leaks and how to prevent a water leak in Bolton

The cause of water leaks and how to prevent a water leak in Bolton

Water Leak Bolton

Pipe leakage in Bolton is a tedious problem that can happen in your home. Nobody wants clogged pipes or water leaking into the house or behind the walls. This gives rise to another fear called mold, which is can be difficult to get rid of. No one enjoys the stress and cost of repairing broken pipes. Hence it is always a good idea to understand the basics when it comes to plumbing, so you are able to detect them before it is too late.

There are some common culprits behind water leakages in your home or office. Stay a step ahead and conquer the problems before you experience total chaos.

  • Old pipes: Just like with everything else, with age comes vulnerability. Old pipes are unable to provide the same efficiency as new ones do.
  • Blockage: The most common reason for leakage is a very stubborn blockage in the pipes that causes immense pressure, leading to your pipe breaking.
  • Roots: Sometimes trees can be the perpetrators; the roots wind around the pipes which can cause them to break.
  • Hard water: sometimes the water is super harsh for the pipes, which damages the pipes and causes leaks

How to tell whether there is a water leak in your Bolton home

There is no rule to detect a water leak in your Bolton home; each one of them is different and takes its course. However, you must keep an eye out for the leak itself; the first step you need to do is determine the source. Our team of professionals have the equipment and the technology to quickly and easily identify the source of a leak and it is highly recommended to consult with our experienced plumbers to find the source of the problem before it gets worse. The second thing to do is to check how bad the breakage is, as the size matters a lot in determining how much intervention is needed. Only a professional can guide you on what needs to be done.

Is it dangerous to have broken pipes?

Most leakages are not to be taken lightly. Water that is outside its intended place is never your friend. Every home owner’s nightmare is water leak inside the house because it gives rise to several problems such as flooding. You can end up ruining your entire furniture and electronics; furthermore, it gives a perfect environment for mold formation.

Mold growth is very dangerous for human health and can cause severe respiratory issues. Hence it is not wise to ignore pipe leaks, and the first thing you should do is call a professional to immediately control the damage.

How to prevent water leaks from happening in the future?

You will need to follow a few steps before you can ensure your house remains leakproof in the future.

  • Call the plumbers immediately once you come across unusual water flow and puddling in the house, as this could be an underlying cause of a broken pipe.
  • When you spot the leak, you must first shut down your home’s main water source, which will save you a lot of water and, subsequently, water bills.

One of the most common plumbing problems are broken pipes. They are the biggest headache for a homeowner and can often lead to costly repairs. Sureflow Plumbing & Drain are professional plumbers in Bolton that are equipped with the most modern and advanced tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently repair your water leaks quickly and efficiently. Whether the leak is inside your washroom, toilet, kitchen or basement pipes, we will diagnose the problem and provide you with a cost effective solution for your water leak problem.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed plumber for advice and diagnosis so you can receive the correct service for your specific situation.