Plumbing Leaks in Newmarket

Plumbing Leaks in Newmarket

Plumbing Leaks in Newmarket

Plumbing leaks can occur for various reasons however a common cause is due to a frozen water pipe, which typically cracks and breaks. There are several other common plumbing leaks that may require a professional Newmarket plumbers attention such as:  

Shower leaks in Newmarket

Did you know that the small drips from the shower can add up to a lot of water waste over time? You will get a significant amount of water if you collect it, depending on the rate at which the shower is leaking.

Shower leaks may appear to be simple to diagnose and repair, but they are among the most difficult in some ways. This is due to the fact that shower structures vary. Others are one piece, two, three, or four pieces. The drain, the grout around the tile, the shower valve, or the shower pan are the most common sources of shower leaks. And, before beginning the repair, a plumber must evaluate all of these potential sources.

Leaks from PolyB

The PolyB piping that transports greywater can be damaged by becoming brittle and cracking all over. These cracks and breaks are most common near a water heater or an outside wall. This is yet another common problem with water leaks in Newmarket.

Hot water heater tank leaks

Many hot water heater tank leaks are also associated with water leaks in Newmarket. In some cases, the problem may be repairable, while in others, the entire system may need to be replaced. If the brass fitting on the outside of the tank is the source of the leak, it can be repaired. However, if the leak is coming from the tank’s bottom, the entire tank must be repaired.

Leaks from the copper

Plumbing leaks caused by copper are common in older homes with still-functioning piping systems. When a copper line freezes, the pipe usually splits, and when the water thaws, it begins to leak. The only way to repair such copper plumbing leaks is to remove the split pipe section and replace it.

Toilet leaks in Newmarket

Toilet leaks are very common, and they can be difficult to detect by the home owner as they are silent. The home owner may only discover the damage after it has been present for a long time. The flushing system is one source of toilet leaks, and the sewer piping is another.

Plumbing leaks will occur if any component of the flushing mechanism is broken, missing, or damaged. If the sewer line is the problem, it is split or cracked, or a connecting pipe is loose which allows water to escape.

Bottom line

Plumbing leaks are inconvenient, and the constant dripping sound in the background can be disturbing. Plus the wasted dollars on your water bill, which could more than double over time. So much so that, once you realize there is a problem, it is best if you fix all of the above plumbing leaks by contacting a Newmarket plumber immediately when a problem is detected.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed plumber for advice and diagnosis so you can receive the correct service for your specific situation.