My Toilet Won’t Drain – How To Unclog A Toilet

My Toilet Won’t Drain – How To Unclog A Toilet

Unclog Toilet

For a toilet to function effectively, the pipe line that carries the waste from the toilet bowl water must be clear of any debris or build up. Regrettably, through daily and regular use of your toilet, the pipe which excretes the waste out of your property can naturally clog over time. This might happen when waste, toilet paper, wipes and other objects get flushed down the toilet. One of the most common reason for toilets getting clogged is foreign objects or children’s toys being dropped in the toilet. Unfortunately when flushed, they can get stuck within the pipe. The good news is that we have several effective solutions available that can unclog a toilet no matter what the problem might be.

Using a Plunger

The plunger is one of the most common tools used for unclogging a toilet. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, single family home or commercial unit, the plunger may have been used at one point or another as it’s one of the most effective tools for common toilet problems. It works best to remove toilet clogging due to excessive toilet paper and waste. In order to plunge the toilet, you must place the cup end of the plunger right above the hole located at the bottom of the toilet bowl. As pressure is applied with up and down force, suction will develop. As you carry out the up and down motion several times, the suction that is created may ultimately clear the clog effectively.

Toilet Auger

Often, the plunger will be successful in clearing most common clogs however if the clog still persists after several attempts with the plunger you might want to consider using a toilet auger. The toilet auger also referred to as a toilet snake is a long spring that can effectively clear away difficult clogs that the plunger was not successful in removing.

If you are still experiencing difficultly with clearing your clogged toilet, even after using a plunger or a toilet auger you should contact Sureflow Plumbing & Drain immediately. Our team of trained and licensed professional plumbers will successfully repair and clean your drains promptly the first time.

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The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed plumber for advice and diagnosis so you can receive the correct service for your specific situation.